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Pet Hair Removal Brush


Pet Hair Removal Brush
For your hairy little friend.

Product Details:
- Glove-style design, put it on and give your pets a bath, just like touching them, let pets enjoy the comfortable bath!
- Easy to handle and flexible! The glove mouth has Velcro, and does not slide easily when washing!
- Special soft toothed brush on the gloves can remove the fine hairs on pets.  

  1. The soft rubber does not hurt the skin. High-quality rubber material and soft polyester, safe and environmentally friendly material, good quality, more wear-resistant and durable.
  1. The five-finger design is flexible to use. The glove has five distinct fingers and fits the palm of the hand. It can reach the depths during massage and has a significant effect.
  1. Easy to wear and uniform rubber particles. The wrist of the glove is designed with Velcro, and there is a small opening on the inner side of the thumb, which makes the glove more convenient to wear. The rubber surface of the palm of the glove is reasonably distributed with rubber posts, which reach deep into the hair to achieve good results.
  1. Soft washer is thick and durable. The other side is made of thick polyester, which is soft and comfortable, making pets bathing and bathing more comfortable.

Material: Silicone / Plastic
Size: About 23 * 17.5cm
Weight: About 50g/pc
Color: As pictures
Application: Universal (cats and dogs)
Function: Pet Grooming Tools
Category: Pet Supplies Pet Products
Package Content: 1 x Brush 

Shipping Details:
Estimated Order Processing Time: 1-2 days.
Estimated Delivery Time:
USA: 3-7 days
Rest of the World: 7-15 days

*Please Note:
1. Shipping Time may vary due to circumstances beyond our control.

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